The Memorial Post

Today was the memorial service for Sue Wolfgang’s father, Joseph, who had recently passed away. Afraid that I would be trespassing on a personal moment, I wasn’t planning on attending, as I hadn’t been formally invited and didn’t know Mr. Doole personally. I have never attended a memorial service like this before and always thought that they where moments of memory for those directly effected by a loved ones passing. While that is certainly true I have come to realize that by attending a memorial you are not just paying respects to the deceased but also offering support to those left behind. After a few encouraging words with Henry, Susan and Craig at the office I decided that as a friend to the Wolfgang’s I wanted to be there for them and offer my support during their time of loss, which I am very glad I did. Many people where in attendance and the effect of the supporters on the family is exactly what they need right now. I’m glad that my friends convinced me to go, and I hope that Sue and Arnold’s family are able to pull through their loss and remember Joseph and the time they had together.

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