The Boxes and Vandalism Post

Moving day is fast approaching next Tuesday. And when I say ‘fast’ I really mean ‘slowly as hell’. The weekend cant get here fast enough. Living in a pseudo-packed state is a pain, and I am anxious to get the job done. Transporting Coolio, renting the u-haul, coordinating getting a hand lifting my tv; are all requiring planning, and I have the day laid out to a tee for the most part. I just wish I could hurry up and get on with it. Paid off the couch last weekend, and organized the delivery for the following Saturday, and all utilities, phone and internet services have been notified of the move and are all set to be active on move-in day.

I am anxious to get out of here for the aforementioned reasons plus the fact that I am just sick of this place. Sure its not as bad as I am sure I make it out to be, but I am just fed up of dealing with all the little problems that come along with cheap housing. The bathtub is still awaiting repair (going on 2 months now) but should be FINALLY sorted out Saturday at 8:00. Unless he reschedules for the 3rd week in a row of course. Whatever... after this weekend its not my problem anymore. Cincinnati paid me a visit this evening and took me down to show me the damage done to his daughter’s car. He wanted to know if I had heard/seen anything, which I hadn’t. The poor car had a number done on it for sure. I’d recon 50% of the bodywork is scratched doff with some vigorous keying, and the majority of the windows have large circular cracks from blows with what seems to be bricks or large rocks. Considering this and past experiences he has had living where he does, I found it odd that when I told him I was moving out next week he seemed surprised I’d want to move.

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Let me have your new address please. Can you send it to my e mail? CMG