The Couch Color Post

Labor Day Weekend means shopping deals, and being in the market for a new couch I found it to be the perfect opportunity to head out and scope out the prices on sectionals again. I went to every furniture store this side of I-4. Took all day but I can safely say that I made an educated decision. Ended up making a down payment on a really nice 2-piece sectional with a chaise lounger on one end. Still not sure which color I’m going to go with (its narrowed down to ‘Cobblestone’-a mushroomy grey, and ‘Beige’-a very pale cream’. I could be happy with either. I think the main deciding factor is going to be the carpet color in the new place and how well they compare and contrast. Its an American Signature piece, so I know it’s going to last a fair while, but I got the extended warranty and fabric treatments on it so Coolio’s claws and tendency to vomit shouldn’t be an issue. Saw a lot of stuff, and a lot of crap. I feel confident that I am getting the best quality for the price. What color would you go with? Here a shot of the couch roughly cut and pasted in a photo, as well a close-up of the two colors. Please vote and let me know what you think! (Yes I am aware that both are rather bland... but I want this sucker to last and don’t want to be stuck with a color that will define all future furniture purchases)


Anonymous said...

Great looking piece of furniture.Cobblestone will probably be best if you are dealing with cat puke !!!

Anonymous said...

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