The Facebook Blitz Post

Last week Louise, an old friend from England added me on Facebook. She and I went to Beacon Hill Primary together back in the UK up until my family moved stateside in 5th grade. Her addition to my friends-list sent me on a page-to-page search of people’s profiles tracking down all my old elementary school friends. It’s crazy to see how much people have changed yet are still at the core the same person I grew up with. I’ve a had a few nostalgic back-and-fourths with quite a few former classmates, most of which still live in the Ipswich area. It’s funny to look back at a class photo of little red jumpers (the uniform of choice at Beacon Hill) and remember playing Ninja Turtles on the playground and hiding our crusts at lunch, and to then flash forward and know that that kid is going to become a doctor, this girl is married now, that guy a police constable, this guy makes movies, that guy is touring with his band… great to hear from everyone again. Nice to know I’m still remembered too, and funny to hear that many of my friends are not the slightest bit surprised when they hear about what I do and who I am these days. Guess I’m predictable.


Anonymous said...

So who have you reconnected with? Is Louise Matthew's big sister?

Anonymous said...

is that the transformer?