The Notice Post

So I put in my official 30 days notice at the apartment complex yesterday, much to the apparent disbelief of the woman working at the leasing office. She stammered a very bewildered “but…but why?” after I told her what I was handing her, looking at me incredulously like I was forfeiting the happiest home on the planet. I told her I was moving to a new area, at which point she offered a “oh outta state!” as if to dismiss my harsh comment by making it seem unavoidable that I move. I told her no, and she looked even more saddened than before. I feel I must point out that I have never seen this woman before, nor does she know what sort of tenant I am, so I find it very odd that she seem so genuinely upset. I felt bad and told her that my office had moved and that I needed to relocate to be closer to work. I’m a terrible liar, but apparently it worked as she nodded as if in agreement that moving would probably make sense. Maybe she hasn’t noticed the prostitutes on the Trail, or the constant police sirens, or the raving lunatics that seem to pop up each full moon. Or perhaps this woman deserves an Oscar for the ‘Most Convincing Bewildered Old Lady in an Apartment Community’. Either way I’m free to move out in a month’s time, as well as stay the extra day into October (move in at the new place inst until October 2nd) at a prorated rate. Sorry Dolores (the name I am giving to my offended old leasing agent) but I am afraid its time we part ways. I just don’t feel the same way anymore, and I need time apart…Plus there is a guy living in the dumpster.

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