The Laboring Day Post

So I spent the majority of today and yesterday cleaning up the apartment and getting everything ready for my move. Now I know it’s a little in advance, but I figured I’d take advantage of the long weekend and get the majority of the wall scrubbing and touchups taken care of before it gets down to the wire. Boxed up all the non-essentials and took down all my canvases so I can Mr. Clean the walls. Magic eraser works pretty well, though it does leave your hands a little raw feeling if you don’t wash them right away. I’ve also been watching copious amounts of Scrubs episodes leaving the DVDs on ‘play all’ mode while I bustle about getting stuff sussed. Carpets look good, walls are cleaner than when I moved in, and a lot of stuff now stands tucked in the corner in a neat stack of boxes Arnold got me from the warehouse at work. I’ve been making the odd trips out here and there to enjoy the nice weather and to make sure I don’t turn into a hermit. Wandered around the mall, did some grocery shopping and hand lunch at the Bear Rock Cafe. Note to sandwich eaters- don’t eat at BearRock unless you like waiting a long time for underwhelming food and are not a fan of having money in your wallet.

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