The Book Hypeman Post

It’s coming. Bob’s long delayed, but never forgotten book: Aardvark Tongue Swizzle Sticks, is hitting the net next weekend. Featuring my illustrations and Bob’s hilarious descriptions, the book is awesome. My advanced copy is en route to Florida now, and I can’t wait to see the finished product. I’ll post again when the book is officially on sale and will provide links for those of you who want to support the cause and pick up a copy (or ten). Until then you can read the book’s blog and sign up for the free mailing list here.

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Mouth Breathing Old Codger said...

It's live! Sun-Dried Aardvark-Tongue Swizzle-Sticks is on sale at www.aardvarktongue.com. The web site is 100% live and the book, audio and tea are 100% for sale.