The Going Blu Post

So that’s it then. The end of the High-Def format war. It took a lot less time than I’d expected, but ultimately resulted the way my bets lay. HD DVD officially was scrapped early this week leaving Sony’s Blu-Ray the victorious format. This is good news for me because I recently went on the Blu-Ray team with the PS3, and have been picking up all the classic HD shoe-ins. A few of the guys at the office have also made the jump, and we’ve been trading HD movies with each other to experience everyone’s collections. Sucks for all those early adopters that went HD DVD- but as soon as big name brands started going Sony exclusive the nails started hammering the coffin and it was inevitable that the format would die pretty quickly. So far I have some really great HD offerings ranging from the must have epics like Troy and 300, to the high octane action of Casino Royal and Mr. & Mrs. Smith. Pixar movies are getting a rebirth for me in the new format as well, and do a terrific job of making my new TV look like a million bucks. I am loving my living room these days. The only HD DVD exclusives I’ve been yearning for are V for Vendetta and Transformers. Hopefully both will see Blu-Ray pressings in the near future.

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