The Canadian Invation Post

Last night I headed out to CityWalk to meet up with Sarah’s Aunt Janice and Uncle Tim, and her cousins Luke and Nolan. They are on vacation doing the whole Orlando-thing and having a blast from what I could tell. It was great to see them again, as it has been a while now that Sarah is stateside and not up in Canadaland. We hung out and got a coffee then wandered the plaza area for a bit, before setting at Margaritaville for some Landshark Lagers and loaded nachos. There was a ring-on-a-string game set up in the corner that had Nolan transfixed. The game pretty much consisted of a small hook on a wall and a beam that sticks out about three feet directly above it with a string dangling a small metal ring [see Fig. 1]. The object is to swing the string so that the ring ends up on the hook, Pretty much an elaborate ball-in-cup game. Anyway, Nolan dedicated more time than anyone ever should to getting the game to go his way and did pretty well, landing the hook three times. Shame it took him about 900 tries… but I find it’s more pleasing to focus on the victory aspect of it. I’m sure he does as well. It was a fun night, if not a bit too chilly for shorts and t-shirt. Great to see the Thompson’s again though, I hope they enjoy the rest of their trip.

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