The Sony-less Post

I’m not really one to like to part with stuff. I’m not a pack rat per-se, but I do make apparent mental connections with my possessions* and get all sentimental about the things I own. This week marks the parting of ways between myself and my Sony TV. We had a good run of many years, and I’d like to wish the little (ok large and bulky) guy all the best in his new home. Sarah from the office came by to lug the thing down to her car the other day after work (in the tropical storm I might add), taking it off my hands for their newly liberated guest room. So if I get particularly nostalgic one day I can always pop over and catch some classic TV action down in Kissimmee. Good bye old buddy. Sniffle.

Goodwill wont accept donations of tube TV sets anymore. "Keep your peasant-ass standard definition set you bum" was their official response when I called to investigate this allegation.

*Not like mentally-control-stuff-with-my-mind power. That would be far cooler.

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