The New Guy Post

The Art Department grew in size this past week when Bruce hired on Tom to the crew. Tom originally worked out at one of our AP locations at Universal and has apparently been itching to get into the department for a while. It’s great to have someone in to help lighten the load as Bruce and I have been pretty bogged down in recent weeks with all the projects coming our way. Its actually crazy how much Tom and I seem to have in common; he’s a native Brit born the same year as me who moved to the states the same year as well. Over the past few days we have been talking movies, games and the like and turns out our tastes are shockingly similar. (He may even be as obsessed with Banjo-Kazooie as me, which is saying a lot). He’s also my new gym buddy, which I have sorely been needing since leaving Craig behind at Planet Fitness late last year. All in all a great friend to have at the office. Plus I get to call him newbie and make him get me coffee and stuff*


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