The Luncheon Post

Today we had a company luncheon to commemorate those who have worked at Colorvision for notable amounts of time. This is usually done during the company Christmas party, but this year is a special case due to the event being postponed*.

Today we all gathered in the conference room for a tasty spread from Olive Garden, and to recognize people who where at milestones with their tenure at Colorvision. Quite a few people from the home offices where recognized as well as a few of our area and store managers. Duane had the most impressive track record and is celebrating his 20th year working the warehouse department. It’s crazy to imagine doing the same job for so long (my personal record is 3 years on-and-off), but it speaks volumes about the company I suppose.

*As I had mentioned in a previous posting, Sharon, the company matriarch, recently underwent some major surgery. Mrs. Simmons’ is the coordinator and event planner every year for the party and it was unanimously accepted that doing a Christmas party without her wouldn’t be something the employees would want. I’d like to report that Sharon is making a terrific recovery and is back in the office regularly.

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