The I Might Be screwed Post

Today I head off to work to find a little note in my door fluttering to my feet as the door is opened. It tells me how a guy from a residential construction company will need in my apartment today to work on my windows. I immediately run back inside and secure Coolio in the bathroom- the only room in the place without windows. Sure enough when I come home I find my blinds are half open and Coolio’s muffled whines coming from under the bathroom door (the radio I left on was a pathetic attempt to muffle them apparently). After letting her out and apologizing profusely, I noticed my Christmas tree was laying in the middle of the hallway too (how I missed it before I don’t really know).

Ordinarily I store my tree in my water closet, because the landlord forgot to lock it. We are not supposed to store anything in there, but hey, it’s a one bedroom apartment and I feel bad tossing a fake tree that only got two months worth of wear ok!?

Why is this a concern you ask? Well in-order to know I shouldn’t be storing stuff in the closet someone would have had to work for the apartment complex-and not just been a window contactor. So…if they know I wasn’t supposed to keep stuff in the WC there is a good chance they also know that I am not supposed to have Coolio there either. And I very much doubt they where fooled by a radio and a closed door. I sincerely hope it was just a case of maintenance guy let them in and did a routine check of the WC, maybe the fire detectors and extinguisher, and not someone from the leasing office… but I have a sinking feeling I might be in trouble. I guess I’ll find out on Saturday, as there is a Tenant Appreciation brunch down at the clubhouse (with door prizes!!) that promises made to order omelets. How can I resist such bait??? I feel like the mouse in that Doritos ad. Hopefully it won’t get messy.

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