The Tennant Appreciation Post

Yesterday was my apartment complex’s “Tennant Appreciation Celebration” down at the clubhouse. George came over and we got some pretty tasty made-to-order omelets and Belgian waffles while sitting around poolside with my neighbors. It’s cool that the place puts on little gatherings like that, if anything to promote neighborly relations. George and I chilled for a little bit then had a few rounds of pool. I think the final score was 1-1, though I’m sure if George was able to convince me to another match I’d have lost the tie to him. There was a drawing for Valentine-themed prizes going on too, that we both stuck our names in. I figured the chance to win Sarah a nice present would be cool. In the end I did win a box of Godiva chocolates-fancy packaging and all. Though in a very unromantic fashion I have been systematically scoffing them over the past few days. I admitted all this to her shortly after, and she made me feel a little better by saying that she wouldn’t have even considered giving them to me either. So…least I considered it right?

I was in the office talking about an issue I’d been having with the security gate, as well as received a call from the leasing director telling me that I had won the chocolates, neither time did Coolio come up. so I think I’m home free on that front. For now anyway. On a side note; there is a new guy working in the leasing office now, not sure what his name is. But the guy is a clone of the dude from Office Space, who works at Chotchki’s (the flair guy). He looks exactly like him, and speaks in a hyperactive, upbeat tone, kinda like a game show host overacting. The combination of his go-get’em attitude and striking resemblance of the guy is hilarious.- Figured I’d share. If he ever comes up in a future posting he will be known henceforth as Chotchki.

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