The TopSoil Post

Co-Op (the narf-tastic 360 comic I work on online) has been picked up by TopSoil Comics. The comic- as I have plugged before- is an online collaboration between myself and fellow Xbox Live gamer Treebeerd (who I met online a few years back). Co-Op is very much focused on gaming and online interactions, and is filled with obscure inside jokes and nerdy awesomeness that only a select few will appreciate. (Those that do think it’s the best comic ever though. Honest they all say that).

New episodes will be posted on TopSoil before they make their way to their usual postings on ComicSpace. I’m really excited about getting hosted so early on in the comic’s life. There are still a few kinks to work out with flow, direction and art styles; but for the most part I’m starting to get really comfortable with the pages we are putting out. Head on over to TopSoil sometime to see that we are indeed up there, and check out some of the other flavors hosted. Lot 14 is particularly hilarious.

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