The Home Leave Post

Yesterday I booked my ticket to come home next week. Short notice didn’t hurt me, as I ended up getting a pretty good fair (albeit on AirTran*). Reason for the trip is to spend time with the family and Stefan before he heads off to Iraq on his 400-day tour. He wasn’t sure when he got his home leave from training (in New Jersey**) until recently, which is why I had to hold off on booking.

While I am excited as always to return back north, I have mixed emotions about the visit. On one hand I get to spend time with loved ones, and see my brother who I haven’t spent much quality time with in a good while. Not to mention getting to see Sarah the day after Valentines’ Day (that’s almost as romantic right?). On the other side though I feel bad anticipating the trip because when all is said and done it’s a countdown to my little brother being sent off to war. It’s a tough spot to be in for sure, and I have plenty mixed emotions about it all. I hate to think of what he’ll see and do over there, and it drives me mad every time I sit and think about it. But of course its not my call, and all I need to do is be supportive of him in his very brave and noble decision, as well as provide solace to my family, who are undoubtedly feeling very emotional during all this.

* boooooooooo
** ewwwwwww

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