The Mt. Dora Post

Yesterday I headed up to Mt. Dora to check out the Art Festival they hold up there every yeah. Bruce’s parents have a house just a few blocks from the downtown area, so Greg, Kathy and I headed there to hangout with the Godziks and their pugs before checking out the festival. Mt. Dora reminds me of a combination of New England and old town Leesburg. All the stores are definitely ‘mom-and-pop’ by nature and all the restaurants are unique and independent feeling. The art festival had the majority of the downtown area blocked off, with tents lining the streets and booths on every corner. Lots of artwork was on display, ranging from paintings and sculptures, to photographs and jewelry. I was hoping to scope out a canvas for my apartment, or at least snipe some ideas for something I could do myself, but unfortunately didn’t really find anything. The trip was far from a loss though as festival food was abundant, and anywhere you can get funnel cake is ok in my book. After checking it out (and getting baked in the sun- 89’ this weekend) we headed back to the house to chill before dinner. The kids where parking cars in the yard for $5 a pop and end up making over two hundred bucks between the three of them, off of suckers who came down to see the fair. Not a bad little business really. Ended up eating dinner at a Nordic restaurant, which was cool. Northing like a cold Moosehead and ‘Viking Burger’ to cap the day off. is a small lakeside town that reminds me of a mix between

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